Three Ways to Beef Up Security at an Event

Large events that are expected to draw in big crowds require a great deal of security. Many people think it’s as simple as hiring security guards to stand watch. While this is definitely something to include, it is not the only option that the event hosts should utilize. Event security requires multiple safety measures. There are three ways to beef up security at an event.

Make it a Credit-Only Event

Many events allow cash payments. While this may draw in a large amount of money, it is also more likely to bring in thieves hoping to get their hands on the cash. It also allows anyone to walk in off the street, with no means to identify them. A credit-only event means people will pay with their credit and debit cards. This means records are kept of all transactions made. When something is out of place, the cardholder’s name and details will be available.

Give Every Guest a Wristband

Wristbands are used at a wide range of events because of their simplicity. It is so simple to quick put a wristband on a guest so they are monitored throughout their time there. Paying event-goers will have a specific colored wristband on, while those who snuck inside will have no wristband to see. Wristbands can also work by giving different colors to different people. Children can have a blue one, while adults get pink, for example. There are many ways to use these advantageously.

Keep It Gated

An even that is out in the open is more likely to draw in an unruly crowd. It is best to keep it gated, only allowing entry at a certain point. This helps to limit outsiders from coming in, and ensures only paying guests make their way inside. The wristbands and credit payments can be made at this point of entry to keep things secure.

Keeping an event secure is the main goal of all workers at the location. With multiple ways to beef up security, all events using these methods should be as safe as possible from danger. With these options, plus security guards on site, the event will be as safe as it can be.

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