Teach Better Security Habits With Cybersecurity Awareness Programs

Small business owners have enough to worry about without hackers and malicious software wreaking havoc in their computer system. The business owner may be aware of the risks they face every day, but their employees may not be. To keep security breaches to a minimum, it’s important that employees understand how their behavior can put the entire company at risk. With cybersecurity awareness programs, employees can be taught better habits for keeping the company’s computer system safe. To start with, there are a few basics to help get employees started.

Strong passwords are vital to keeping unauthorized users out. Making sure team members use a minimum of fifteen characters and include special characters and capital letters will help. Passwords should also be updated often. System administrators can set an expiration date on passwords and keep employees from letting their password stay in the system too long.

Data storage is a consistent issue for businesses. Backups should be performed regularly. The system will need to be cleaned often to prevent spyware from taking root. If files are backed up, there’s no telling how many important files could be lost when the system is wiped. It’s also important that sensitive data isn’t stored where it might be accessible. For example, storing the CVV numbers of customers is never a good idea.

Security software should never be disabled. Some users might want to visit social media sites while they’re on the clock. If they have to disable security software to visit these kinds of sites, it can put the entire system at risk. Firewalls, antivirus, and antimalware software must always be left on.

Wireless networks are notoriously easy to hack. As long as the WiFi network is configured properly, it should be relatively safe. If team members are having trouble connecting and decide to change settings, it could leave the network open to hackers. This practice should be avoided at all costs. Teaching employees how to access the network properly and avoid security snafus should help keep the wireless network safe and avoid malicious software from being installed or hackers from making their way into the system.

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